Mark Geesey My interest in family genealogy began when, as a teenager in the 70s, I was captivated by the television miniseries Roots. My personal research continued on and off for the next twenty years as my time for genealogy was taken over by other pursuits: college, travel, career. As my family grew so did my interest in my heritage. With the arrival of the internet in the 90s I was able to meet distant cousins who also had a profound interest in our common ancestry. We have worked together to build a comprehensive story of our lineages from their multiple origins in Europe, through our immigrant ancestors, and to their descendants who helped to build our nation. I have shared much of our research results on my personal web site: Geesey Family in America. I moved to Charleston with my young wife in 1994 and was immediately enamored by the rich culture and history of the region. Although none of my ancestors lived in South Carolina, I developed an interest in the genealogical history of the region. I joined the Charleston Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society and soon became their webmaster (link). Through the Chapter I developed a network of individuals and institutions around the Low Country that I use to conduct genealogical research. I have been a primary participant in the Cemetery research programs spearheaded by the Chapter.