DNAhelix Have you recently had a genetic analysis conducted for genealogical purposes? Are you considering one in the near future? Are you confused by the options available to you? Are you uncertain what your results mean?  I can help you understand this new field of genealogical research. I have a Master’s degree in Biology and I currently work as a biochemist conducting scientific research for the Medical University of South Carolina. Our research program involves understanding how genetic differences can affect an individual’s response to and metabolism of psychiatric medications. I personally isolate DNA from human volunteers and analyze the DNA for known mutations and variations (SNPs).I have had my own DNA analyzed for genealogical purposes and I am a participant in several on-line research programs and groups. I have developed my own surname web site to compare results with other individuals: Geesey/Gysi Project at FamilyTree DNAI would be happy assist you in selecting the genetic test that most suites your needs and your budget. I can help interpret your results and guide you to additional tests you may wish to undertake.

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