There is no charge for an initial consultation to discuss your general genealogy research goals. In this consultation we will develop a plan of action whereby we work as a team to develop your ancestors’ story. I may very well suggest avenues for you to conduct your own research in parallel to research I would conduct on your behalf.

My rate for research is $45 per hour. In addition, I bill for re-imbursement of expenses accrued during the research (e.g. photocopying, research fees, vehicle mileage). For research conducted in downtown Charleston vehicle mileage would minimal (or possibly none). I work in downtown Charleston and often conduct genealogical research after normal work hours (afternoons/evenings). I can easily walk to most locations on the peninsula. I ask for a small retainer to begin research which would be applied to the first several hours of research.

After an initial consultation I will need some time to review the genealogical information you have gathered to date. I will then suggest a research plan with locations to visit. After each visit I will send you my findings and suggest additional avenues for research.

I will send you complete documentation of places visited and sources searched, even if I find nothing relevant. My bills will be thoroughly itemized with details of my activities.

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You can use PayPal to send payment for genealogical services.

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